At Azerion, we are always exploring new opportunities to help us stay ahead of the game and provide the best for our customers. There is always something going on! Read our latest news below:
We are all gamers: Differences in the development of the gaming market in Italy and Europe
Habbo X Room NFT Collection of 1300 Rooms Sells out in 54 Hours
Azerion celebrates the end of the year this December with Habbo’s first in-game concert
Azerion – H1/2022 highlights
Azerion’s new Habbo iOS App is now live!
Azerion wins in “Top European Metaverse Platform” category
Expanding the Azerion platform H1 2022 highlights round-up
Azerion’s new Habbo Android App is now live!
Welcome to Azerion’s HQ Amsterdam campus
Gaming, mental health and a global pandemic
Our journey to being publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam
Sulake Enters the Blockchain by Launching 10,000 Unique Habbo Avatar NFTs

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