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Digital entertainment is more exciting with Azerion. Games, videos, and content that capture users’ imaginations and keep them coming back are essential to what we do.

Our owned content reaches billions of avid users worldwide and our technology helps advertisers engage their target audiences. We do all of this inside a carefree digital environment defined by its high quality games and content, brand and user safety and security, and responsible business practices.

What's happening @Azerion

We have built a scaled platform that serves the interest of consumers, digital publishers, game creators and advertisers

16,000+ Game Titles
334m Unique Monthly game plays
425m+ Monthly Active Users
2,000+ Game Portals
300,000+ Advertisers
3.2bn+ Ads sold

Do more with your ad spend

You want to maximise your ad reach. Azerion's advertising technology puts your brand in front of billions of users inside Europe’s largest digital platform.

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Do more

Be part of the most successful story

More engagement means more revenue. By using Azerion content, you improve site engagement. By using Azerion technology, your content generates more revenue.

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Get more

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We know your market and are experts in the technology that your day-to-day business depends on.