At Azerion, we are always exploring new opportunities to help us stay ahead of the game and provide the best for our customers. There is always something going on! Read our latest news below:
Italiaonline announces the new “Libero fun – free to play”
Azerion partners with Cocos to bring games to GameDistribution
Sulake to launch a new, fully integrated Web3.0 Habbo server, Habbo X
Martin Clamart appointed as Managing Director of Azerion France
Azerion appoints former Shell Investor Relations Director Marcela Louzada as its Vice President Investor Relations
Gaming, mental health and a global pandemic
Why is cultural diversity important for Azerion
Azerion expands footprint in Spain and Latin America with acquisition of Infinia
Azerion and The Smiley Company join forces to put a smile on every face by gamifying The Original Smiley with their SmileyWorld & SW by SmileyWorld brands
We stand behind a free Ukraine!
The Azerion concert series continues as Hotel Hideaway promises a pop punk punch with power trio Meet Me @ The Altar making their metaverse debut!
Azerion Italy launches successful campaign for BANCOMAT Pay® and BPlay® planned by Wavemaker
Our journey to being publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam
Azerion expands partnering with Sanrio do Brasil as it launches new characters into the metaverse in Habbo and Woozworld
Cavai – Azerion alliance to amplify conversational advertising to more European markets

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