At Azerion, we are always exploring new opportunities to help us stay ahead of the game and provide the best for our customers. There is always something going on! Read our latest news below:
Azerion launches Generative AI Contextual solution in Marketplace
Azerion Captify
Azerion and Captify forge new partnership to accelerate the power of Search Intelligence in France and Italy
Azerion Announces Launch of Habbo Hotel: Origins – A Nostalgic Trip Back to 2005!
Azerion and Stamp agree to expand CTV media investment across Europe
Azerion launches Edge to unlock new revenue streams for Publishers
Azerion and Philips Team Up to Broaden Digital Advertising Offerings with Philips’ largest parenting apps in the world, Pregnancy+ and Baby+
Verse World announces partnership with Azerion to revolutionize the Metaverse
KNVB and Azerion launch Women’s Eredivisie app
Acast broadens its presence in Europe through a strategic partnership with Azerion
Habbo takes a game-changing step into Web3 with Collector Cabinets, feature that can convert in-game items into NFTs
Rethinking engagement with gamers in 2024
Azerion strengthens network through partnership with
Hawk, an Azerion company, launches new omnichannel targeting solution in strategic partnership with Samba TV in three European markets
Navigating Black Friday: facts and figures of digital advertising
Azerion reaches the next milestone in its DACH integration strategy

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