Social responsibility

As Azerion’s founders, we believe that this growth brings with it a responsibility to, first, understand our business’s impact on the environment and, second, take action if a remedy is needed. Climate change is the most important environmental challenge our planet faces. We are organizing and mobilizing our employees, investors, and suppliers, along with the communities in which we live and work to reduce our carbon footprint and make the transformational changes we know the climate crisis demands of us.


We know the value of having a supportive community. Individuals who face societal barriers because of who they are, where they come from, and what they do need allies and a renewed sense of hope. One of the ways we have chosen to help is by imparting the knowledge we have gained from our professional experiences to nurture, teach, and inspire. Through mentorships, we help these individuals to see their diverse backgrounds and experiences as strengths, not hindrances, and find opportunities in them.


We have based our strategy on 3 key pillars encompassing our CSR goals. We have connected each one to various UN Sustainable Development Goals. By aligning ourselves with the global ambition for sustainable development, we are playing our part in working towards a better world, stronger communities and a healthier natural environment. We want to maintain long term commitment to these goals and continue to monitor developments on the global stage and adapt our approach and projects accordingly. These goals will not be attained overnight but call for a steady and concerted team effort and as Azerion, we want to be a part of the team.

Our mission

Our goal is to use Azerion’s exponential growth to propel us to take greater responsibility for the planet, people, and create long-term value.

Our Vision is to protect the environment, engage with our communities and promote vitality through our effort, and become an example for all within our field and beyond.

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