Improved brand performance, reduced ad spend

Get maximum brand engagement inside Azerion's brand safe platform. Safely engage your audiences at scale with our adtech and owned creative content

We get it. Your top priority is growing your brand. Our advertising platform delivers effective brand engagement to billions of people whilst saving you time and money.

Hyper competitiveness and changes in consumer preferences

continue to force advertisers to demonstrate their brand’s adaptability and capacity to outperform expectations. Built for tight budgets and delivering speed and effectiveness, Azerion’s Brand Performance Platform runs on:


Insight sourced from the billions of people who engage our owned content and the trillions of impressions we see in our SSP to better understand audience behaviour and to inform your creative.

Attention-getting creative

Display, video, and native content from the Azerion Ad Studio.

Adtech targeting

To pinpoint audiences using 1st party, cookieless ID, location, and contextual relevance.


Connections with the world’s best digital publishers and the Azerion gaming network.

Getting users’ attention is one thing, getting users to convert is another

Azerion and the metrics that matter. Azerion's Brand Performance Platform drives efficiency in ad targeting, buying, and delivery and is independently backed by a transparent set of metrics, including:

Brand safety

which confirms your ad is being delivered where it should.

Viewability and attention

that confirm your audience is taking notice.

Independent measurement

to demonstrate the brand performance you need.

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