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Azerion is a full-service developer and publisher of gaming and video content. We manage O&O distribution platforms and a portfolio of over 19,000 Casual & AAA games

We work with our clients to boost their reach, engagement, and monetisation. 

The world’s biggest brands, now equipped with new channels to connect with their audiences, trust us to continue delivering on that, year-over-year. 

Digital publishers, in partnership with us and backed by our gaming solutions, become digital gaming publishers. 


Game creators who work with us get immediate access to our distribution services the opportunity to build and develop loyal followings for their games, and increased revenue through proven game monetisation strategies. 

Everyone you know plays online games.

Crosswords, sudoku, and card games, casual and hobby play, at home or along the way, having a mobile phone means being a player.

Your visitors want gaming experiences.

Our gaming platform is populated by tens of millions of players.
We know what they want to see and do more of.
Let us help you capitalise on that.


Owned and operated by Azerion, Huz is the thruway to audiences who want premium, ad-free, subscription-based gaming experiences. Opt for a full games shop plus gaming inventory or gaming inventory only.

Digital Media Publishers

For publishers, we supply ad-driven white label gaming products, from crosswords to gaming portals.

E-commerce Platforms

We set up your own white label shop through, Azerion’s distribution platform for downloadable AAA PC games.

Gaming Portals

Our network is built around 4,800 Azerion-owned and operated and third-party portals.

The platform connecting game developers and digital publishers

Digital publishers get access to a huge inventory of games for a variety of challenge levels and free-to-play portals for all players. Developers get their games into our 4,800+ gaming portals, digital publishers, mobile operators, and third-party stores. Maximise your revenue with our monetisation platform, backed by Azerion's global reach, subscription services, and superior adtech. Slider features: web portals, own and third party, telecoms, and third-party stores

Maximise your brand’s reach and engagement inside our gaming and entertainment platforms.

Featuring subscription services and a suite of B2B and B2C portals, we boost awareness and affinity for your brand while helping you build connections and deepen relationships with diverse audiences. We do this by creating exclusive custom branded experiences that excite and engage players worldwide. With Azerion, the possibilities are endless. Intrigued?

From MMOs to apps, to virtual worlds…


Virtual World, Avatar Chat and Pixel Art.

Social and Minigames

Enable cool win mechanics and unlock new quests.



Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway is a free-to-play social avatar adventure.

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