Amsterdam, 25th January 2024 – Habbo is proud to unveil its latest innovation: Habbo Collectibles: Collector Cabinets. This innovative tool enables the seamless conversion of cherished in-game collectible items into NFTs, underlining Habbo’s role in the online gaming sphere. It marks a pivotal transition to new gaming practices, embracing the Web3.0 era of advanced digital ownership and security.

By embracing blockchain technology with Habbo Collectibles, Habbo is not only giving its players full ownership of their items, but is also providing them with a trustful, secure way to trade their items for real money. This transition, and all of the changes that come with it, is a direct response to challenges faced by the player base. This movement offers a robust, transparent, and definitive solution to trading items.

Furthermore, bringing the benefits of Web3 technology and Habbo Collectibles to more of the Habbo player base is a key point in this innovation. With the introduction of NFTs and Web3 technology, Habbo Collectibles is expanding the boundaries of what is possible, while making the game more accessible and enriching for a global user base, in contrast to the local approach that exists today.

The January 2024 launch represents not only a significant advancement for Habbo but also a historic moment for the global gaming industry. With Habbo leading the forefront of the transition to Web3, the industry is on the brink of a substantial transformation. The adoption of this innovative technology by Habbo is a clear indicator of the potential that Web3 has to revolutionise not only how games operate but also how they will be perceived and valued in the future.

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