Amsterdam, 11 November 2022 – Azerion has announced an extended partnership with Ubisoft Nano, a catalog of free ‘Instant Party Games’ developed by Ubisoft with a reach of more than 26M players globally so far, which will include the publication of five additional games to Azerion’s game distribution network. This will bring the portfolio of Ubisoft Nano titles exclusively available for browser-based distribution in the Azerion platform to a total of 14.

With this extension, Azerion is happy to introduce the upcoming Season 4 of Ubisoft Nano games that consists of Tom Clancy’s ShootOut™, For Honor Warriors.IO™, Idle Miner Space Rush™, Rabbids Wild Race™, and a brand new special title, developed following the latest market trends and tailored towards browser game audiences.

“We’re delighted about extending our partnership with Ubisoft. Thanks to our strategic cooperation with the Ubisoft Da Nang studio, we are able to develop and release special games tailored towards browser players, following the latest market trends. Over the last year we saw great benefits and increase in user engagement due to our partnership with Ubisoft, and we are excited to continue bringing more game titles to casual gaming audiences through our network of cross-platform gaming portals, subscription services and telecommunications providers.” said Erol Erturk, EVP Games and Strategic partnerships at Azerion.

As a core part of the platform, Azerion’s Game Distribution business ( streamlines the publishing of browser-based games to 4,800+ portals globally, while simplifying portfolio management for content creators and bringing their games to new audiences. Through the platform, game creators and studios can easily distribute their titles to a diverse publisher network ranging from gaming portals to news and media outlets, including Azerion’s owned and operated channels.

This extended partnership is yet another indicator of the strength of the Azerion platform and the opportunities it presents for game creators, advertisers, and consumers. Through collaborating with world-class studios like Ubisoft, Azerion continues to push the boundaries of entertainment and bring free, high-quality experiences to players of all ages worldwide that advertisers can leverage to efficiently reach their audiences.

“The relationship between Azerion and the development team of Ubisoft Nano has been a fruitful experience. We are very happy to bring Ubisoft worlds to new global web audiences with Azerion.” said Aurelien Palasse, Managing Director at Ubisoft Da Nang.

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