Azerion launches a content partnership to provide fans of L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G.™, Rainbow High™ and Na! Na! Na! Surprise™ the perfect combination of brand immersion and entertainment

Amsterdam, 19 of May 2022 – Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, today announced the launch of its global digital content partnership with MGA ENTERTAINMENT INC, one of the world’s largest private toy companies. The collaboration is set to bring the most popular MGA Entertainment brands to the casual gaming world and expand Azerion’s dominance in engaging the youth and teenage market globally.

Azerion will launch in the third quarter of 2022 a dedicated MGA Entertainment portal for all the games related to the family and teenage targeted content across brands including L.O.L. SURPRISE! O.M.G.™, RAINBOW HIGH™, and Na! Na! Na! Surprise™. This will cover the full cycle from production and distribution to monetization. A series of cross-platform branded games will be released across the Azerion distribution network, which includes Azerion’s gaming portals, telcos and mobile stores. Azerion is planning a series of marketing and event activities to expand the reach of the branded games and engage the fan community.

With over 17,500 game titles already within Azerion’s content portfolio, the partnership will enable Azerion to further extend its footprint of bringing games to life to their family and teenage audience. Azerion will offer a quality gaming experience for end-users to interact with brands through the games. The platform will help connect MGA Entertainment’s well-known brands to 300,000+ advertisers.

Isaac Larian, CEO & Founder of MGA Entertainment, said:
“MGA Entertainment has a long history of creating successful consumer brands that resonate with kids and teenagers. Through this new partnership, we hope to provide fans of our popular toy characters with a series of casual games that bring them to life in a new dimension. Azerion’s platform and rich experience will centralize all key activities, opening a new window to gaming for us and strengthen our foothold in delivering unique experiences to our worldwide audience.”

Umut Akpinar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Azerion, said:
“We have all watched the huge success of the likes of L.O.L. Surprise!, so we are excited to act as the partner of choice to MGA Entertainment on gamifying their brands and bringing quality games to this demographic. Azerion is dedicated to offering a quality gaming experience to end-users and developing deep interaction with brands. It will mark another important development in the targeting of this key market for us. We look forward to seeing how the addition of such iconic IPs to the portfolio raises engagement across our publishers’ networks and improves reach for advertisers.”

About Azerion

Azerion is a high-growth digital entertainment and media platform. As a content-driven, technology and data company, Azerion serves consumers, digital publishers, advertisers and game creators globally. Azerion’s integrated platform provides technology solutions to automate the purchase and sale of digital advertising for media buyers and sellers, supported by in market sales and campaign management teams. Through our technology, content creators, digital publishers and advertisers work with Azerion to reach the millions of people across the globe that play Azerion’s games and view its distributed entertainment content to increase engagement, loyalty and drive e-commerce.

Founded in 2014 by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Azerion has experienced rapid expansion driven by organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Azerion is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is a publicly traded company listed on Euronext Amsterdam. For more information visit:

About MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment is the fastest growing and largest privately held toy company in the US. MGA is headquartered in Chatsworth, California and creates innovative, proprietary and licensed consumer products and entertainment, including toys, games, dolls, apparel, consumer electronics, home décor, stationery and sporting goods. The MGA family includes award-winning brands such as L.O.L. Surprise!™, Little Tikes®, Rainbow High™, Bratz®, Na! Na! Na! Surprise™, Baby Born® Surprise and Zapf Creation®. Visit us at


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