It is true, that as citizens of the 21st century, talking about globalization in the workplace is not as uncommon as it was many years ago. As a company founded by two second-generation Turkish immigrants, diversity is part of our day-to-day life, and we wanted to pave the way for other ex-pats to have an opportunity to be valued by their talent without considering where they come from.

We think that immigrants have the power, ambition, and energy for building up the society where they are located, and we want to be a positive example for them. We are very proud that we have over 50 nationalities in our own company. 

Why is cultural diversity important for Azerion?

As a global company, with more than 25 offices around the world, and now publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam, we see the importance of having workplace diversity and inclusion, to be able to build teams that bring different perspectives and experiences to the mix, thus increasing innovation.

Recent studies looking at why cultural diversity in the workplace is important, show incredible statistics on the benefits of this; for instance, economically, research shows that the most diverse public corporations across the world were 24% more profitable when including this practice and that almost 95% of directors agree that diversity brings unique perspectives. 

How is cultural diversity at Azerion?

We wanted to create a safe environment where diversity could live and we have been working hard towards building that in our own company. In addition, we know that this helps us recognize and respect different ways of being that are not necessarily our own, thus creating bridges of trust, respect, and understanding. Diversity makes Azerion a more interesting place to work, as people from diverse cultural backgrounds contribute to new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences. 

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