Amsterdam, 23 June 2023 – Azerion is pleased to announce its partnership with IMPACT+, a renowned organisation dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.  This collaboration aims to reduce the carbon footprint of Azerion’s advertising campaigns and aligns with the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability.

As a conscientious organisation, Azerion recognises the importance of offering clients the opportunity to measure  and minimise the environmental impact of their advertising campaigns, all while maintaining media performance. To achieve this, Azerion will leverage an innovative tool that measures energy consumption and carbon emissions before launching an advertising campaign. This pre-campaign assessment allows for optimisation, ensuring energy efficiency is prioritised. Once the campaign concludes, the environmental footprint of the dissemination process will be evaluated, taking into account the positive impact of any optimisations made. 

At Azerion, we strongly believe that corporate social responsibility is essential. In this way, we want to offer our clients more environmentally friendly advertising solutions in France, but also internationally”, says Najet Benoist-Lucy, Operations Director of Azerion France. “We are pleased to work with IMPACT+, a company which shares our values and our commitment for a more sustainable future.

Vincent Villaret, CEO of IMPACT+, explains : “True to our mission, we keep on educating the actors of the advertising industry and their clients on the environmental impact, while offering actionable solutions to reduce the carbon emissions generated by their campaigns. This is not about pointing out or scaring people, but to bring practical solutions. This partnership with Azerion, which shares our vision about sobriety, marks a very important milestone for us, and we are delighted to strengthen our bonds with one the most well-known actors in the advertising industry.

About Azerion
Azerion is a high-growth digital entertainment and media platform. We bring globally scaled audiences to advertisers in an easy and affordable way through our technology and in a safe, engaging and high quality environment, thanks to our owned and operated content with entertainment and other publishing partners.

Having its roots in Europe with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Azerion believes in a personal and local approach and has teams based in over 26 cities around the world to closely support our clients and partners to find and execute creative ways to really make an impact through advertising.

Founded in 2014, Azerion is listed as AZRN on Euronext Amsterdam.

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