We have always believed that the only thing that can stop a person from living their dream, is themselves. People tend to ask us if we could have ever imagined all of this: a big company, more than 10 acquisitions in the last year, 1200 employees, and honestly, we did. We started this journey in 2014, with a lot of dreams and one goal in our minds: to become a major leading European player, if not the European champion, in gaming and ad tech. 

There were many challenges we had to overcome, being second-generation immigrants, but that experience only made us stronger and more confident. We had it clear in our minds since the beginning of this adventure that we wanted to create something big and set an example for future generations. 

Back then, games and their audiences were going digital. Seeing these fast-growing audiences of digital players, advertisers became a lot more interested in spending money to reach them. With these two trends naturally combining, we saw an opportunity to capitalise on and expand these markets.

Our vision, of course, was to make the integration of gaming and adtech safe, secure, profitable, and sustainable. So, we started to both build and buy strategically. We acquired the right companies and integrated them into our family of companies immediately.

This all resulted in Azerion becoming a global player with a massive reach – 425M customers monthly and more than 300K advertisers in our gaming and entertainment ecosystems.

Because of this, we have reached a huge milestone this year, taking the next step on our growth journey by announcing that Azerion is now publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam. This is a strategic step towards capturing a leading share of the digital entertainment market and accelerate our growth and our vision to become a leading gaming and adtech partner in a very fragmented market.

The ultimate purpose of this is to make our business thrive and grow even faster. One of our key strengths is the scale and reach of our operations across Europe and the strength of our corporate partners and partnerships.

When we walk into the Azerion offices, and talk to all our international colleagues that make this possible everyday, we are proud, we are here because of them, and we continue to dream to become better and bigger, that’s what we are aiming for. 

Thank you to everyone playing our games, all of our corporate partners, and our spectacular colleagues across Europe who have made our journey to this moment possible.


Let the games begin. 

Atilla & Umut. 

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