Amsterdam, 28 October 2022 – Today, Azerion has announced the successful completion of the written procedure requesting bondholders to approve the legal merger of the parent company Azerion Group N.V. and Azerion Holding B.V., with the main objective of simplifying and streamlining Azerion’s financial reporting and other communications to the market. Azerion intends to execute this legal merger on 31 December 2022 and publish one set of consolidated financial statements for 2022 for Azerion Group N.V., which will be the surviving entity.

Ben Davey, CFO of Azerion, commented: “As we build our track record as a listed company, we  continue to focus on simplifying our operating structure and improving transparency. Merging our two main reporting entities is an important step in this process.”

The written procedure, initiated on 30 September 2022, is related to Azerion Holding B.V.’s senior secured bonds with ISIN SE0015837794, requesting certain waiver and amendments to the terms and conditions of the bonds, including approval of the proposed legal merger of the parent company Azerion Group N.V. and Azerion Holding B.V.

A sufficient number of bondholders participated in the written procedure in order to form a quorum, and a requisite majority of the bondholders voted in favour to approve the amendments.

The amendments will become effective as soon as possible via an amendment and restatement agreement and the satisfaction of certain conditions precedent.

Azerion Group N.V. and Azerion Holding B.V. are today filing the required documents in relation to the merger with the commercial register, which will also be available for inspection at the offices of these legal entities.

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