Ajax Esports and Azerion have agreed a partnership lasting at least three seasons. Azerion will be the official mobile gaming partner of Ajax Esports. The parties will collectively develop a mobile gaming strategy and support each other in further international growth.

A match in the sporting and business cultures of the two organisations was key to making the deal happen. In Azerion, Ajax Esports has found a partner to help it further its objectives in the world of gaming.

Menno Geelen, commercial director of Ajax: Azerion and Ajax Esports have the same ambition: taking over the world with their propositions. This mutual ambition makes for a strong match between the two brands. Their insights have already helped us significantly. We look forward to going on this adventure together..

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Impact of gaming

Ajax Esports and Azerion recognise that mobile gaming has a huge impact on sports fans. Atilla Aytekin, co-CEO of Azerion: Ajax Esports and Azerion are natural partners because we share the same values. We want to inspire fans, players and staff by exhibiting ambition and courage..

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The partnership

Ajax Esports will help Azerion by creating visibility for their products and services with their target audience. Azerion’s name will be shown on the boarding during matches of the Ajax first team and a hospitality package has been purchased. In return, Azerion will provide advertising and expertise to help with the Ajax Gaming Academy app, due to launch soon.

contract Azerion Johan
About Azerion

Azerion (azerion.com) is a tech company in the media and entertainment business. Hundreds of millions of people play our games. Advertisers reach massive audiences and targeted groups with our tech Publishers earn top revenue with our tech and engage quality audiences with our content Uniquely, Azerion works across these groups. We spot synergies, find efficiencies and weave together the best strands from our business for each of our users. Azerion: content, reach, revenue, engagement — a million possibilities.

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