Amsterdam, February 19th, 2021 – Just a few weeks after the acquisitions of Finnish game developer Sulake Oy, the well-known developer of hit social game Habbo Hotel, and international software company Triodor, we were proud to announce the completion of a new bond issuance last week, reaching an outstanding amount of EUR 100 million in capital raised since the beginning of last year.

This third bond issuance, the last of a series of successful capital raises, met the renewed interest of informed investors from Continental Europe, the Nordics and the United States, including a large share of new investors. The swift completion confirms the investors’ confidence in the stability and attractiveness of our group, one of the fastest-growing companies in the sector.

Yet, this third round was just another step in a long-term ambitious plan for our company. The net proceeds of the bond issue will be used to finance future acquisitions and fuel our organic growth ambitions, as we lay the financial and operational foundation for our growth trajectory.

As we grow, we stay true to our commitment to offering an ever-more diversified offer with quality services within a connected and intelligent ecosystem to our partners and clients around the world. Although we had already witnessed a growing appetite for our products in the past few years, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend, creating a new public, more diverse, more demanding, looking to connect and engage with others within a safe community.

By focusing on innovation, we want to set the standards for a safer, sustainable and inclusive online social gaming and entertainment model, for people of all ages and all backgrounds to enjoy. We aim to cater to our partners’ and customers’ needs by providing top-notch, up to date technology services and adapting our infrastructure to media buyers and sellers.

In this buoyant context, Azerion stands ready to play a leading role in tomorrow’s thriving gaming sector and extend its influence internationally.

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