• Improve Digital is the first European ad tech company added to The Ozone Project’s growing roster of approved partners for Ozone Audience
  • The Ozone Project is a major initiative set up to create value for content creators across the ecosystem

Improve Digital, owned by Azerion, is the first European supply-side platform to become an approved activation partner for Ozone Audience. The collaboration will enable brands, buyers and publishers to transact with one-another cost-effectively, at scale and with complete confidence.

Established by the UK’s most trusted publishers, Ozone Audience offers brands access to large-scale ad buying capabilities across premium, fraud-free environments. According to Comscore, Ozone Audience reaches more than 44 million UK 18+ adults, surpassing Google or Facebook. Unlike these platforms, Ozone Audience allows brands to deliver campaigns exclusively within professionally curated content-environments, including The Times, the Guardian, The Telegraph and The Mirror.

Improve Digital’s footprint will help diversify The Ozone Project’s connectivity to European demand. It is a cornerstone of Azerion’s product family designed to create an ecosystem in which consumers, advertisers and publishers can thrive.

The synergy between our tech and The Ozone Project’s ecosystem will create a serious step forward in monetisation, says Sebastiaan Moesman, board member of Azerion.

Ozone plays a crucial role in offering brands and advertisers a viable alternative to the walled gardens, helping them reach consumers efficiently and at scale,” says Danny Spears, Commercial Director of The Ozone Project. “We are delighted to welcome Improve Digital as an SSP provider, giving brands and buyers’ greater control of their buying and helping publishers go about business with control, transparency and confidence.


About The Ozone Project

The Ozone Project is the only transparent and brand safe platform in the UK for programmatic advertising, offering advertisers direct access to an audience of more than 44.1 million in premium environments across the UK’s most trusted publishers. Formed by Guardian News & Media, News UK, The Telegraph and Reach PLC.



About Improve Digital

Improve Digital is an Azerion product, the leading European programmatic advertising platform for publishers, broadcasters and other content providers.


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