Amsterdam, April 26th, 2021 – Investors recognise Azerion’s huge potential in online games and user engagement.

This second significant financing in two years will pave the way for Azerion to become a major platform player.

Azerion has attracted much investor interest with a new funding package aimed at accelerating the company’s growth.

The new funds will be used (among other things) to finance multiple acquisitions across its platform, adding both exciting new gaming content as well as creating revenue opportunities. These acquisitions help us in our mission to bring a wide range of entertainment content for consumers while enabling content providers to engage with users in a safe, reliable and meaningful way.

This new issue will refinance a €100 million bond issued on the Frankfurt exchange last year. It is rare for a private company to raise these levels of capital, but Azerion’s track record of exponential growth supplemented by acquiring gaming and monetisation technology companies and quickly building their revenue has grabbed investor attention. Last year’s bond was met with significant investor interest and the company has experienced a similar response to this new bond.

Online entertainment has become central to people’s lives, says Atilla Aytekin, Azerion’s co-CEO. It has enormous business potential. Our vision is to make digital entertainment better, safer, and more reliable. That way everyone can enjoy the basic human need to play in a carefree environment, and advertising and publishing businesses can thrive.

Since it was founded in 2015, Azerion has worked hard to create a digital entertainment platform for people of all ages to enjoy. This has been supported by an active acquisitions strategy, adding to the Azerion family 38 companies in the digital entertainment and technology sectors. Azerion layers these acquisitions on top of its existing business into a single, coherent platform. Within this ecosystem, these businesses have grown organically and work seamlessly with each other.

This has seen Azerion become a powerhouse in online entertainment providing a broad range of content to users and monetising it through in-app purchases and advertising — through a proprietary platform that provides safety, reliability and efficiency to all stakeholders.

The gaming business represents a total annual market of US$175 billion,  Atilla explains. We’re well on our way to becoming the biggest platform in Europe with our vision to serve that market. Our goal is to create a safe, connected and intelligent ecosystem (enabled through our technology) that will accelerate the growth of European companies connected to our operations.

The new bonds are expected to be listed on Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm.

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