Without the user, we have no eco-system

Hello dear visitor. Without you as a user, a visitor of the internet, there would be no internet. Business often stereotypes you as ‘consumers’ but you are people. Human. Heavy users of new technology, but worried about fraud, malware, privacy, your kids watching age rated content, fake news and so on. Although we sadly cannot make the entire internet safe for you and your family, we do try to make it as safe as we can in our own environment. So you can browse our content and use and play our games without worry.

How do we do all of that?

Azerion has built and acquired many technologies, companies and products which, together, build the solution that allows us to promise you the safety and reliability your looking for.

Azerion Games

We are a media- and technology company that provides safe, reliable and valuable content on a European scale with local presence.

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Game Distribution

GameDistribution is the biggest broker of high-quality, cross-platform games, connecting the best game developers to the largest publishers and guaranteeing the highest eCPM’s in the market.

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Governor of Poker

Governor of Poker 3 is one of the world’s biggest and best free-to-play multiplayer poker games, with formats like Cash game, Sit & Go tournament, Push or Fold, Big Win and Royal poker.

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HUZ is a paid game streaming service, which is compatible with multiple devices, and offers a safe environment for families and kids to enjoy some of their favorite titles without ad interruptions.

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Smeet is a free browser-based 3D social chat game, within which players can discover a diverse number of hangouts where they can meet new people, play games together, share music, and more.

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Hotel Hidaway

Hotel Hideaway is a 3D interactive virtual world, in which players compete to become the most popular hotel guest through stylish outfits and costumes, secret gestures and wild dance moves.

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Plinga helps game developers efficiently publish and monetize cross-device games on multiple networks and gives publishers direct access to high-quality titles, matched to their unique audiences.

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Tubia assists publishers in increasing user engagement, time on site and revenue by embedding game walkthrough videos to their websites at no additional cost.

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Habbo is an online vintage pixel-art style virtual community where players can create their own avatar, make friends, chat, build rooms, design, play games, and take in-game pictures.

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Yepi is a free games website, which features only the best online games on the web and displays them to visitors through its unique, navigation-friendly interface and home page.

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HelloKids presents children with a multitude of leisurely and educational activities online, from arts & crafts, reading & learning, and drawing tutorials to songs and free online games, among others.

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Hyves Games

Hyves Games is a discovery platform for daily games, carefully-selected and recommended based on smart algorithms and playable on multiple devices.

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FunnyGames.nl is an online gaming platform that offers an enormous library of almost 20,000 different titles from various genres, aimed at players of all ages.

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Spele.nl is a platform that offers a wide assortment of free-to-play online games from a variety of genres and play modes, both single- and multi-player.

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KiZi is a platform for browser-based games, both external and owned, that makes sure that kids can access titles directly on mobile via a trusted, safe and child-friendly app with no in-game purchases.

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BGAMES.com is a platform, where players of all ages can enjoy some of the most popular online, downloadable and browser-based games from all kinds of genres and styles.

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Stratego is a unique video game, which embodies qualities of both chess and poker and can be enjoyed in Single Player, Multiplayer, as Battlecards and even as a physical Boardgame.

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What about your Consumers, Advertisers and Publishers?

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